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In Card Hoarder there are normal and special decks.

Normal Decks

Normal decks normally have 20 cards and are worth 1. Some normal decks are split across multiple sets, these will usually end in either A,B,C, etc. (i.e. The KH Days Opening Deck consists of KH Days Opening A, KH Days Opening B, KH Days Opening C)

As each is a separate deck, you can get multiple mastery rewards. (i.e. The KH Days Opening deck consists of 3 decks, so 3 lots of rewards)

An example of a normal deck

Axel01.png Axel02.png Axel03.png Axel04.png Axel05.png
Axel06.png Axel07.png Axel08.png Axel09.png Axel10.png
Axel11.png Axel12.png Axel13.png Axel14.png Axel15.png
Axel16.png Axel17.png Axel18.png Axel19.png Axel20.png

Special Decks

Special decks are worth 2 but can have any number of cards.

An example of a special deck

Ff7remakesop201901.png Ff7remakesop201902.png Ff7remakesop201903.png Ff7remakesop201904.png Ff7remakesop201905.png
Ff7remakesop201906.png Ff7remakesop201907.png Ff7remakesop201908.png Ff7remakesop201909.png Ff7remakesop201910.png
Ff7remakesop201911.png Ff7remakesop201912.png Ff7remakesop201913.png Ff7remakesop201914.png Ff7remakesop201915.png
Ff7remakesop201916.png Ff7remakesop201917.png Ff7remakesop201918.png Ff7remakesop201919.png Ff7remakesop201920.png
Ff7remakesop201921.png Ff7remakesop201922.png Ff7remakesop201923.png Ff7remakesop201924.png Ff7remakesop201925.png